Bag Lunches

Today the schools are closed because it is Labor Day!   This means the workers at the center receive a day off also.  I have zero problems with closing the center except the children miss a day of lunch.  So we delivered bag lunches to the students.  I sent home a note telling of the specific locations and times.  The lunch was not a requirement but simply an offer to receive food.

We made 106 bag lunches without knowing if 1 child or 64 chidden would actually come for the food.

We arrived 10 minutes early to Santo Domingo.  The kids were already waiting on us.  One location was in El Tejar park from 8:30-8:45.  There were several students waiting for us at 7:30!  I was shocked at the distance some of the children traveled to receive a ham sandwich, chips, cookies, banana, and juice.   Would you walk several miles to receive a bag lunch?

The bag lunches were only for the children who attend the center on Monday.  What about the siblings?  Fortunately, we know the needs for the majority of the families, so we were able to give extra bag lunches to those families with extra children to feed.

We had 58 students from the center receive a bag lunch.  We also provided the other 48 bag lunches to siblings, families we know, and kids in the park.

As I sat down to type this blog, I realized I had forgotten one location!  The problem is we handed out all of the bag lunches.  Let’s just say these 5 children and their siblings hit the jackpot as we found things in our pantry!

Mr. Morris, I would have a picture of Samuel receiving a bag lunch, but his ability to grab a lunch, say “Gracias”, and disappear is amazing.   The kid could be a ninja.


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