Little Things Like Water!

I am very hesitate to share every detail of ways we minister to people because I do not want it to seem like I am boasting on us in any way.  We quickly realize every small or big act is simply to make Christ known.  When we see a need and respond then we are being a reflection of Christ.  We also realize we are able to minister to the people of Guatemala because people and churches make it possible.  So everything we do is because people have allowed God to use them to provide financially for our ministry.  If you are a part of our ministry, here are a couple of ways you have met needs within the last month.

No Lie–Every holiday away from family is hard for us (me).  At Easter, we felt like God was telling us to invite over our neighbors to enjoy an Easter lunch with us.  We invited 8 adults and 10 kids to come sit around our table and fellowship with us.  We served a typical Turrentine meal ranging from roast to corn and rice casserole to deviled eggs.  What made this extra special was the men were able to join us for the meal.  We always see the wives but the men are always at work.  This allowed us time to intentionally spend time with thte entire family.   The men expressed their gratitude–not just for the meal but for the many ways we have blessed their lives.   It was a precious time of fellowship with the families.

Side note:  Right before our company arrived I was using an extremely sharp knife to cut my vegetables (Thanks Diane Bryant). One slip and I had an extremely deep cut on my thumb.    The kind of cut that takes your breath away and you are convinced you need stitches.  A lot of band-aids later and I continued to put the final touches on the table.  One of the ladies helped me finish cutting a few vegetables for the salad.  She then tells me about the time she was using the machete and had a deep, severe cut on her wrist.  She said she just bandaged it up and kept working.  I just looked at her–“You Win! You Win!”  All of the sudden my cut with a vegetable knife didn’t seem so bad.  It’s all about your perspective.

Last Friday, one of our neighbors approached us about helping him with the money to buy a pump for their well.  He had saved up a portion of the money, but it would take him a really long time to continue to save for the rest.  We prayed about it for a couple of days and felt the Lord telling us to provide them with the money.  Soy went on Tuesday and gave him the money needed for the pump.  With tears in his eyes he expressed his gratitude.  The man bought the pump and had it installed by Wednesday afternoon.  We were unaware they had been without water from the well for three years!   They sent us a video of their five boys being so excited about the water.

Two of the boys are in the feeding center program. Again, the feeding center is so much more than an afternoon for lunch and academics tutoring.  It impacts the entire family.

(Not the best video, but super cute.  “Thank you Deidra.  I have water”)

One thought on “Little Things Like Water!

  1. What a blessing you’ll are to everyone there. We miss you’ll also, but we know that this is where God wants your family for now. Thanks for all that you’ll are doing to change the lives of so many. God Bless!! ❤️❤️❤️


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