Grades, Chicks, and Recorders

Many of you have heard the story about Sebastian.  He didn’t meet the requirement to stay in our program due to failing his grade twice.  (I think I wrote a blog about him). After speaking to his teacher last March, it was obvious he didn’t stand much of a chance in passing.  His learning style is not “chalk and talk” and he needs a very understanding teacher.  The urgency to build the school for the children we serve quickly became very evident.

A local Christian school agreed to accept Sebastian into their school although he has not been successful.  A family agreed to pay his tuition.  We frequently check in with the teacher or director to ask about his school work and behavior.  Yesterday the teacher gave us a copy of his report card.  All of his grades were above 70!  She bragged about how hard he tries, participates in class, and is well behaved.  A positive learning environment with caring teachers can make all of the difference in the world! qaimm+1wtaebgjma7+qiuq

Chicks for Sale!   They only cost Q1!  So Wesley bought two of them and brought them to the center.   Who knew two chicks could chirp so loud–for three hours!

Our day would not be complete without children running, playing, and screaming while someone practices a Celine Dion song on the recorder!


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