Three Pretty Smiles!

Mrs. Terri Scholz spent many days cleaning the teeth of the children at the feeding center.  Did she finish?–No way!  However, she tried to prioritize the children who needed to see an oral surgeon.   Last Wednesday, the dental team spent all day serving in a community.  They came in tired from the week,  but they made time to serve several of our children from the feeding center.  Here is a picture of three of the four children who had multiple infected teeth and needed an oral surgeon to remove them.  Henry, Emerson, Sheyli, and Nico (not pictured) are so happy they chose to serve them.  Thank you Dr. John Gissal for helping these children!

I picked up Henry from his house to bring him to the mission house for an extraction.  I knew when he got in my car that he was in pain.  However, the pain was not only his tooth but his ear.  Thankfully, Dr. Rich Strabbing was able to look at his infected ear and give him the correct medication.

Dr. Rich Strabbing was able to treat a couple of other people who needed medical attention.  It was the final night of the trip and the doctors were tired.  However, they never complained, but served each patient.

As I drove some of the kids home, the parents expressed their gratitude.  Henry walked down the pig trail to his laminate house knowing his pain would soon be gone!

Thankfully, I have been able to check on the kids after the doctors returned to the states.  They are all bouncing off the walls!


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