Learning About Giving

One of the most encouraging things this month has been to see how many people have chosen to invest in the new school for the children.  Do not get me wrong–I am very excited when someone give a large amount.  However, I am equally excited when I see the list of donors choosing the invest in the school.  I know behind every dollar is standing someone who is praying for future of these kids.  Behind every dollar there is someone who understand these children were created for a purpose.  Behind every dollar there is someone who understands eternal investments.
I have been equally blessed by the G.A.’s and the youth group at Friendship Baptist Church.
On Wednesdays nights the youth group is selling hot dogs and nachos for donations only.  This past Wednesday night, they paid $1 for the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of Rita Broome or Johnny Gaston!  What a great way for the youth to begin understanding what it means to invest in eternal things.
The G.A.’s mission group (grades 1-5) hosted a bake sale at the church.  They baked cookies, brownies, etc with the understanding all of the profits will go towards the new school.
God is multiplying every dollar given!  This thrills my heart!

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