Changing Lives

We do not work with many of the teams, but we often hear how God uses a trip to Guatemala to change the course of someone’s life.  Sometimes God chooses to take us out of our comfort zones, to break our hearts, and to leave us speechless in order to have us truly seek after Him.  Here is a brief story of how Katherine’s life has been changed since her first trip to Guatemala.

Alright, y’all! My personal growth from feeling like an insecure individual to a loved and worthy child of God has been quite an adventure for me! Here’s the thing…I, not too long ago, felt as if I were created without talent or a gift. I didn’t grow up particularly good at a sport or hobby. I felt as if I didn’t have a “niche” or specialty. THEN three years ago I went on my first mission trip to Guatemala. Returning home from such an amazing trip hit me in a way I didn’t think it would. I was in a bad place, depressed, and feeling lost. I couldn’t understand how or why I went from such a high in Guatemala to such a low here back home. After much prayer, soul searching, and a lot of wrestling with my faith and relationship with God; it became apparent to me that Guatemala gave me a feeling of worth that I didn’t know I was even missing. Being a servant in a very visible way gave me a sense of worth, yes, but it was so much more than that! Through my experience, my eyes were opened to the fact that I DO have a gift and I AM worthy. My gift may not be in the form being an athlete or excelling in mathematics; my gift may be caring for and helping others. That is something I love and it is something God has placed strongly on my heart. Following my trip, I started taking courses (and continue to do so) that will help lead me to a future in a career of helping to serve others right here in my own community. God provided me with an experience that changed the way I view myself and opened my eyes to the fact that we are ALL worthy, regardless of our differences.

Katherine and her husband continue to be passionate about serving in Guatemala.  Did God call her to live among the people of Guatemala?  Did God call her to sell everything she had and leave her normalcy?  No.  God called her to seek after Him!  God used Guatemala to chisel her heart with a purpose and a calling.  How we serve, our location, stories about serving people, pictures on social media, the things we “sacrifice”, do not impress God.  He knows our Heart!  He is much more interested in a surrendered, obedient life truly seeking after His heart!  Sometime He uses Guatemala…

Thank you Katherine for sharing your story and pictures!

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