Christmas Shopping and Crafts

I have not blogged in a week, but not because we have been doing nothing!   When my mom is here, I choose to drink morning coffee rather than to blog.   We also take advantage of showing her places in the city where my dad won’t go–the malls!

We left early yesterday morning to do Christmas shopping for some of the families from the center.  It took us 1 1/2 hours to drive there and we were determined to finish our list.  Our list only consisted of 28 families!  3 1/2 hours of shopping, 8 carts later, and a car packed to the max, we made it back just in time to greet the kids at the center.  The gifts were made possible by some individual sponsors and our ministry.  Our house looks like Santa’s workshop.  Today the wrapping and organizing will begin!

We are anticipating the group to be here one week from Saturday so we are busy making final preparations.  Why did I think do crafts requiring paint and glitter with 110 kids would be a good idea?  There is glitter everywhere in our house!

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