My Special Treasure School

Last summer Pastor Ben introduced us to the ministry of My Special Treasure School in Chimlatenango.  This is a school that we have grown to love for the simple fact they a faith-based ministry who are striving to change the lives of children through spiritual, physical, and educational means.

In 2011, Pastor Luis and his wife believed God was telling them to reach the women who work in the Chimaltenago dump.  They began to go every Saturday and try to help them learn to read along with providing Biblical devotions.  It soon became too hard for the women to give up a few hours of work so they requested the family to work with their children.  Pastor Luis and his family began to work with the children and eventually they knew God was leading them to open a private school for these children.  The children did not have the means to pay for the uniforms or school supplies that are necessary for public school, but they wanted to show their academic progress.

The school began four years ago with only 35 children and has increased to 135 children.   Last week Pastor Luis shared about how they have a desire to teach them academics, but their main goal is to see their salvation through Jesus Christ.  Pastor Luis said, “In the beginning of the ministry we had a lot of fear.  The easy thing would have been to give up.”  From the directors to the teachers it is obvious they share the love of Christ with every child.

When we met the directors, Luis Jr. and Fabiola, they took us to the small tin building located in the dump to show us where their ministry began.  Every Saturday they had a devotion and tutoring session with the kids.  At this time, they were renting and outgrowing a building with limited space and praying God would allow them to find a more suitable building.  Since it is a private school, the children do not have to wear uniforms and they provide the children with a small snack (Public nor private schools provide food for the schools)  They have certified teachers to teach grades kindergarten through eighth grade along with an accelerated program.  The teachers make a sacrifice as they only make half of the salary compared to the public school teachers. (Approximately $50 per week!)

The school has moved to a larger building with a side dirt yard for recreation.  It is located directly across from Pastor Luis’ church.  The building was built as an Auto Hotel (hourly rates) and Pastor Luis’ family fervently prayed that God would never allow it to open!  The building now serves to share the gospel to 135 sweet children!

What if Pastor Luis had chose fear over obedience?  What would the lives of 135 children from the Chimaltenango dump look like?  What if he settled for a safe, good life instead of an abundant life that requires complete dependency on God?  What would he say when he stands before the Creator of the Universe and has to explain that he just didn’t have enough faith for God to meet their needs?  God is Faithful!

***This post is too long.  I will save the rest for Friday!


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