Ben & Ligia

Last summer, we had the privilege to become friends with Pastor Benjamin, Ligia, and their four children.  They were instrumental in answering our numerous questions and introducing us to specific ministries.  Ben and Ligia chose to walk away from secular work in order to attend seminary and are currently serving as pastor of a church.  As we observed their lives throughout the summer, we were always encouraged to see how their hearts are set on eternal things and not materialistic items.  Never complaining, always content and talking about how blessed they are.

Fast forward four months later and we decided that it is necessary to place one of children in private speech. Upon meeting the speech therapist, Lucy, I found it so refreshing to talk to someone with a kindred spirit.  She understood what it meant to take the next step of faith and to trust Him.  Insurance!  We attended three months of speech therapy while waiting to see the amount the insurance would pay for the service.  Finally the insurance paid approximately $2 for the 17 speech therapy sessions!  Due to the fact that our three year would only talk when she wants to talk and doesn’t understand the value of learning how to appropriately enunciate words, we decided it was best to just work with her at home.  At the final session, Lucy handed us the invoice with the services provided.  In pink highlighter the total was marked out and the words written “Paid in Full–God Bless Your Ministry.”  Definitely not what we were expecting!

As soon as I saw the invoice, we knew God was telling us to bless Ben and Ligia.  This past March, we visited with Ben and Ligia in their home and I confirmed that they were using a small camp style stove top to cook with.  I wish Lucy could have been with us when we told them to meet us at Maxi the following day to purchase a stove with an oven!  Tears, laughter, and words of gratitude as they talked about how much God has blessed them!  Some people might think an oven is not a necessity, but any mother with four young children might disagree!  Ligia described how she learned to use a pressure cooker to cook the birthday cakes, and she laughed when talking about how she managed to cook an entire turkey (given to them as a gift) on the small stove top.

It has only taken me a month to share about our ministry opportunity because I wrestle with the thought that someone may think we are boasting.  We quickly realize that God receives every single bit of honor and glory!  We were able to share with Ben and Ligia that Lucy did not make the best choice according to “business”, but she chose to be obedient.  Her obedience allowed us to bless Ben and Ligia!  We kept the invoice from Lucy as a reminder that He is faithful–may we never forget!

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