First Day of School!

Our first day of school was a success! The children were excited to be back at school. The teachers were prepared to welcome them with open arms. They enjoyed cereal, a banana, orange juice, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, and pure water! They participated in a devotion and spent the remaining of the time with first day activities.

All three of the Taylor girls are attending Colegio JET! Audrey and Sydney have presented some pretty good arguments about why homeschool is better than regular school. Audrey even pulled the card “Our babysitter will have to find another job and she will never be able to see us again!” They did not win!

About 3:00 Eddie and Teddy showed up on Grace Mountain! The teachers like it when the “Big Bosses” come because they trump every decision that I make. Somehow the teachers end up benefiting from most of their decisions. Soy is extremely excited to have both, Eddie and Teddy, here! There is no rest for the weary!

Side-note: When we were raising money for the school, the financial donations exceeded our need. Our original plan was to build 2 levels with 13 classrooms. I voted to save the money for any unexpected costs and future construction. (I count every dime and save for rainy days!) My reasoning was that we would not need a third level until several years in the future. Eddie and Teddy voted to build a third level with an additional 8 classrooms. They won! Who would’ve know that only a year later we would use every single classroom at the school! We are using all 21 classrooms! Do we have 21 classrooms because of the great wisdom from Eddie and Teddy? Do we have 21 classrooms because God knew of the need even before we were aware of it? I will let you decide…

I apologize for the lateness of the “First Day” blog. Alabama played in the National Championship game was played last night, and our television is based on the internet. We can only have one electronic device during the game in order not to slow down the internet. Have you ever tried to watch live football while it was buffering? It’s all about priorities!

Are you interested in sponsoring a child at Colegio JET? There will be information about the sponsorship program next week!

Thank you to everyone who sent words of encouragement and prayed for us!

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